[From Japanese]Would you like to Challenge to eat natto?

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Natto is protein rich and healthy food

 The above video is very sad for me who was born and sired in Japan.

 They don’t understand the wonderfulness of Natto totally!! As a Japanese person, I can’t keep quiet about that. So this time, I will introduce the charm of “納豆-Natto”, it’s a Japan is proud of a healthy, delicious special food.

What is Natto?

 Natto is fermented food made from Soybeans, because it is rich in plant protein. It’s also much of vitamins and minerals. Because it is a healthy, it is eaten for vegetarians instead of meat.

 It is highest that combination of Soybeans and fermentation, isn’t it? You know how wonderful fermented foods are, right?

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 Why do you dislike Natto when there are so many good stories? …Yeah, it’s must be a reason for this.

・Unique smell and taste
Thready and sticky food texture
・Simply difficult to eat

 Actually, some Japanese people don’t like Natto. In a research, it was found that nearly half of the Japanese people dislike Natto because they say “I don’t like smell”.

 Even Japanese people who are familiar with Natto can feel it, so I know what foreigners think when they see natto for the first time. I like it, but…

 But Don’t worry! In Japan, most children don’t like Natto, but as when they grow older, they start to like it more and more. You also too. If you eat Natto many times, you will finally come to like Natto so much that you can dream about it. First, let’s talk about Natto.

全国納豆協同組合連合会(Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation)
 About Questionnaire about Natto is “Click here!“(Japanese)

How to eat Natto

 Natto sold in Japanese stores is packed as above image. On the other hand, foreigners seem to filled natto in bottles I heard.

 Generally, Natto is packed in polystyrene foam container two to four pieces. It contains with sauce(like a soy sauce) and mustard that you can choose how you like to eat. For when you come to Japan, let’s also introduce how to eat Natto.

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 One side is easy to peel off, so let’s open it. Then you will find sauce and mustard inside, and Natto is stuffed under the vinyl. You can use all of them or else of course.

 Caution: Natto itself is a healthy food, but the sauce contains a lot of sugar, so if you are health conscious, it might be better not to put sauce on it.

 Peel off the vinyl, add your favorite seasoning, and stir with chopsticks. The number of times you stir the Natto will affect the way the strings are pulled and the taste will change, so find the number of times you like. Recommended is 100 ~ 200 times.

Eating Natto Japanese way

 Rice is the staple in Japan. Generally, Natto is pour over rice like Donburi. A person who is particular, than moreover egg and green onion pour this.

 My friend says “I eat Natto while it’s still put in the pack”. When Natto dries, it sticks to dishes and becomes quite difficult to wash. I’m also eat to Natto stay in pack because to taste only Natto.

How to Make Natto

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 You can easily make Natto at home. Please see below for the order.

Wash the soybeans and soak them in water
Mix it you bought over the counter Natto
Keep a constant temperature
Leave overnight in the refrigerator

 When washing the soybeans, remove the crushed soybeans. Generally, when the water temperature is high, it is said that short time is good(about 25℃ => 7~8h). When you want to steam soybeans, you can do it quickly by using a pressure cooker. It’s done if you can crush steamed soybeans with your fingers easily.

 When you reach [③], be careful that no extra bacteria enter into soybeans make sure. About a spoonful of Natto to mix is enough. After that, you have to keep the Natto constant temperature to promote fermentation, but it seems that the Natto will change depending on the warmth(a measure is 45℃ and 24h). Please seeking for balance you like.

 It’s almost finished, but as it stay, it’s nothing but soybeans that smell like ammonia. In refrigerator over night to make real Natto. That all done!

 Caution: When making fermented food, you should prepare clean utensils because other bacteria get in the way.

Do you want make Natto?

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 “We don’t have cooking utensils to make Natto at home!!” — For you, here’s just only one tool for making Natto. It’s super easy if you have an Instant Pot!, With this, you don’t have to bother to prepare a pressure cooker or a warmer tool.

※ The ones introduced here are made in Japan


 Bacteria in Natto is a powerful, it can be threat to other bacteria. So for example, people who work in factories that use yeast, such as sake, don’t eat Natto. It has a strong growth ability and is strong enough to survive in terrible environments such a over 100 temperature, so even a small amount of it can cause problems.

 Now, Due to the evolution of management technology, that environment Natto has not enter but there are still many sake factories men that do not eat Natto. If you are planning to visit a sake brewery in Japan, you may want to refrain from eating fermented foods as a Natto for few days.

全国納豆協同組合連合会(Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation)
 How to make Natto is “Clisk here“(Japanese)

Japanese Natto dish

 Japan’s 『農林水産省[ Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisherise => MAFF ]』 introduces local cuisine from all over Japan. Of course, there is also a lot of information about Natto. Highly recommended for those who love not only Natto but also Japanese cuisine.

 About Our Regional Cuisines is “Click here

 Natto is a healthy, cool and DELICIOUS food. It is too good to waste you don’t know such a attractive food! If you are interested in Japanese food, try Natto instead of Sushi or Ramen.

 I really looking forward to the time when you visit Japan!

You like Natto more and more…