【From Japanese】It is useful Japanese words for Tourists

Speak Japanese and be loved by Japanese people!

 Japanese people speak only Japanese. Kanji is the same character as Chinese, but it is differently from Japan, so Chinese cannot be used. if you want detail, please check at below page.

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 If you want to enjoy a few days in Japan, you don’t have to learn Japanese. Japan have information written in many languages. public transport, restaurants, tourist areas and more, is there many languages information board. There are also image and video guides.

 However, If you want to stay more days, hitchhike, travel as a backpacker… In other words “I want to interact with Japanese people”, You should need to know some Japanese.


Hello! Excuse me, How can I get to Nikko Station?


え? えっと……はい?


Ahh… well, is there a good Japanese restaurants around here? I’m a little hungry so a light meal would be fine.

い、いず、ひあ? びー、ふぁいん?

 …Japanese people speak only Japanese. So don’t you think it would be nice if you could speak Japanese?

 You will said “Yes“. OK, well then, Let’s do it!

This is useful Japanese even in a tourist area

 First, introduce some basec Japanese. Memorize it anyway.

 → Konnichiwa(こんにちは)
Excuse me
 → Sumimasen(すみません) It can also mean “Sorry”
Thank you
 → Arigatou gozaimasu(ありがとう ございます)
 → Onegai shimasu(おねがい します)
 → Hai(はい)
 → Iie(いいえ)
I don’t know
 → Wakari masen(わかりません)
do(can) you speak English?
 → Eigo wo hanasemasu ka?(えいご を はなせます か?)
Pleas say it again
 → Mouichido itte kudasai(もういちど いって ください)

 These are the words you will need for your trip to Japan. Oh, Don’t forget that when you enter the many store, you will always hear the words “Irasshai mase“, mean is Well come. This is like an idiom, so you don’t have to answer the voice. Please continue shopping.

 Next, I will write an explanation. Also I will use simple Japanese as much as possible, so please do your best and challenge yourself.

〇〇ha doko desuka?(Where is 〇〇?)

 『〇〇は どこ ですか?』 ――A word used when asking about a place. For example, You stop people walking on the road, you show the map and point than “Toshogu ha doko desuka?(Where is Toshogu Shrine?)“.

 And when you say “Osiete kudasai(Please tell me)“, you become more polite.

〇〇ha dou ikeba iidesuka?(How should I go to 〇〇?)

 『〇〇は どう いけば いいですか?』 ――When you asked place,
you’ll want to know how to get there, right?

 Let’s put the many kind of place in 〇〇, and you ask how to get there. Also, let the person know the mode of transportation.

Aruite ikimasu『あるいて いきます』
  → I will walk
Basu de ikimasu『ばす で いきます』
  → I will go by bus
Densya de ikimasu『でんしゃ で いきます』
  → I will go by train

 If you use English, please don’t say get. Get means obtain, grab for Japanese people.

Donokurai kakarimasu ka?(How long does it take?)

 『どのくらい かかります か?』 ――A word used when asking about a degree of time. If you taught the person about transportation, you would be able to know more accurate time.

Thurete itte kuremasuka?(Can you take me there?)

 『つれて いって くれますか?』 ――A word used when you thought I couldn’t go there by myself. Japanese people are said to be kind, so… maybe, they’ll take you there? Oh yeah, It’s full of people at work during the day, so don’t expect too much.

 Japanese people is work hard… to the extent that the word “Karoshi” was born

Kono basu ha 〇〇 iki desuka?(Is this bus bound for 〇〇?)

 『この ばす は 〇〇 いき ですか?』 ――A word used when asking about a route of vehicle. You can also trade “basu” to other words.

  → ばす[basu]
  → でんしゃ[densya]
  → ひこうき[hikohki]
  → たくしー[takushii]

Koreha ikura desuka?(How much is this?)

 『これは いくら ですか?』  ――A word used when asking about price of the product. You should use it with the next words.

〇〇wo kudasai(Please take this)

 『〇〇を ください』 ――A word used when order to product. As a side note, This is a nutrition facts of the three main types nutrients. I wrote it because I thought you cared about yourself.

  → Carbohydrates
  → Fat
  → Protein

〇〇de onegai shimasu(I want to pay with 〇〇)

 『〇〇で おねがい します』 ――A word used when you want to specify a payment method. Let’s put 〇〇 into another word. For example, cash, credit card, and etc… Japan has unique culture of card, so you should bring Japanese cash(:yen) in Japan.

Tomatte kudasai(Please stop)

 『とまって ください』 ――A word used when you want to stop a taxi. It’s better to wave your hand clearly to the taxi and say it. It is important to convey the feeling that the driver wants to stop.

Are there any other words you would like to know?

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 What do you like in Japan? I hope you enjoy your visit to Japan. And lastly, bathroom is bath or shower room in Japan. Bathroom for you is toilet for Japanese people. Please carefully.

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